About Us

Victoria Burnett Designs is comprised of two sisters, following in the footsteps of our grandmother and mother before us.

Having grown up with the original wooden decorative mice that her mother made for her bedroom wall, our mother, Victoria Burnett, decided to take the idea and expand it. So, in 1985, Victoria Burnett Designs was born.

A self-taught artist with no formal training, she first developed the difficult technique of painting watercolour directly onto wood. Having accomplished this first major hurdle, she went on to design a whole range of colourful and much loved characters, including frogs, pheasants and foxes. Undoubtedly, though, it was her charming, whimsical mice that captured the hearts and imaginations of people - so much so that they are now housed far and wide, with one even taking up residence in Buckingham Palace!

Over the years our parents became familiar faces at many of the charity fairs held around the country, and our mother’s work was featured in a number of magazines, including House & Garden.

After many years of hard work and success our mother died of cancer in 2003. Since then we have had many requests from people wishing to purchase her art. This led us to wonder if we should take up the reins... and so we have.

Having been brought up with mice and 'other animals' we two sisters make it the third generation in our family to continue this tradition. We both work from home (Worcester and Wiltshire) balancing painting with children and animals.

All of the designs that you see here are completely hand-made by the two of us from start to finish. We very much look forward to expanding the range in the future.